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2D Barcode Scanner

ZHONGJI laser barcode scanner has its robust and unique design, and combines industrial、commercial features. Stable functions, ergonomic design, powerful decoding ability, Can read any barcode at will, including damaged and smudged barcode. Apply to multi fields: commercial pos system, supermarket, warehouse, bank, logistics, factory manufacturer, etc.

  • Powerful decoding
  • Ergonomic design
  • Flexible keypad
  • Indicator Lamp
  • High Quality Laser Head
  • USB Interface For Power Supply
  • Advantage
  • Dimension
  • Specification

1. Quick to decoding and reading the barcode. 1D barcode: UPC-EAN; 2D barcode: PDF-417

2. Laser head: visible laser diode can scan small barcode or plicated barcode

3.  Ergonomic design. It is designed for handheld comfortably. For making your cashier using comfortably for a whole day.

4. USB Port for power supply. USB Cable for power supply, plug and play

5. Flexible keypad. When barcode scanner is not working, it will move to sleep mode automatically.

6. Indicator Lamp: when it is connected, blue light is on; When it is scanning, green light is on.

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